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Immune and Bone Support



Vitamin K2 is a vital nutrient that supports heart, bone and brain health. Vitamin K2 is an essential nutrient for healthy bones and it has been shown to help prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the body use calcium and phosphorous to form and maintain strong bones. Vitamin D3 also helps regulate the immune system.

Vitamin K2 and D3 is a unique and powerful combination of vitamins proven to support bone and immune health, while also promoting cardiovascular health. 


Velocyte Performance Supplements

Velocyte Performance Supplements is a line of supplements designed to optimize athletic performance. The supplements are built upon five fundamental pillars of athletic performance, which are recovery, endurance, strength, energy, and overall health and wellness.

The supplements have been carefully curated to support and enhance athletic performance, promote muscle recovery and growth, improve endurance, enhance strength and power output, increase energy levels, and promote overall health and wellness. Incorporating these supplements into your training regimen can help you perform at your best and achieve your fitness goals.